Monday, October 4, 2010

Gravy's simmering

So I really need to use our real camera rather than my phone. Five megapixels doesn't do you much good when you have neither a stash nor an ultra-steady hand. But here are the tomatoes, waiting to be blended down into gravy!

Of course, that's not all that makes gravy. I bought some milanese cutlets at Whole Foods (I've only recently started cooking meat again, and I like to try to be a little more responsible when I can), pounded them flat, sprinkled on the parm, parsley, salt and pepper, rolled them, tied them, and plop! In went six beautiful braciole!

The sausage is another case. My darling husband, despite ten glorious years together, still has not learned to read my mind! Yesterday, when I bought my cutlets, I did not buy and sausage because they only had hot. Today, when I asked him to pick some up while I tended the gravy, I suggested he go to a different Whole Foods. But I did not specify why. Well, he went to the same store I went to yesterday, since it was close to another errand he had to run and proudly returned with hot Italian sausage. Well, I like spicy sausage. It is definitely tasty. But not what I want my gravy to taste of! So into the freezer wen the sausage and out went the husband again, and this time success was his! I have to say, I appreciate his perseverance. Yes, he's doing it for himself (and his stomach) as well as for me, but it's not like he was gonna get to eat it tonight!

So now the gravy's been simmering three and a half hours. I think I'm gonna pull the meat out and put that in the fridge, then let the pot cool before I stick it in there, too.

Bubble bubble toil and trouble... but boy does it smell good in here!

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